Clark County GOP removes discriminatory marriage language from party platform

Clark County GOP (1)Last weekend, the Clark County Republican Party voted to remove harmful language from its platform that limited the definition of marriage to one man and one woman.

The platform was approved with overwhelming support during the Party’s annual convention in Vegas on Saturday. Leaders of the Clark County Republicans say that this move puts the Party’s platform more in line with the Republican values of individual liberty and freedom — and reflects the growing momentum for the freedom to marry in Nevada and across the country.

Striking this discriminatory language from the Clark County Republican Party’s platform is just the latest sign that Nevadans from both sides of the political aisle believe there is simply no good argument to be made for denying marriage to loving same-sex couples. Earlier this year, Republican Governor Brian Sandoval joined with Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto in dropping the state’s defense of the constitutional amendment that prohibits gay and lesbian couples from marrying. Their decision puts litigation seeking to strike down Nevada’s marriage ban on a fast track in federal court.

Across the country, support for marriage equality is rising among Republicans too. A poll commissioned last month shows that 61% of young Republican voters favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, while only 35% say they are opposed.

As momentum continues to build, we’re confident that we can secure the freedom to marry in Nevada — sooner than later.

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