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Funding Domestic Violence Programs through Marriage Equality
August 13, 2014 — A recent survey found that 50% of domestic violence victims who were denied assistance were turned down simply because domestic violence agencies didn’t have the resources to help them. The only state funding domestic violence agencies receive is a $25 surcharge on NV-issued marriage licenses. Nevada's restrictive law requiring marriage to be between a man and a woman denies essential funding to domestic violence programs. This funding could allow agencies to keep their doors open to victims who otherwise would be turned away or forced to return to their abusers.

The only state-allocated funding domestic violence agencies receive in Nevada is a $25 surcharge on each Nevada-issued marriage license.
A small business owner in Nevada shares why he supports the freedom to marry
August 6, 2014 — Ron Nelsen, owner of Pioneer Overhead Door is one of over 40 business leaders in Nevada who are speaking out for marriage equality.
The Williams Institute: Extending Marriage To Same-Sex Couples Could Add Over $52 Million To State Economy
June 19, 2014 — In a new study released by the Williams Institute, extending marriage to gay and lesbian Nevadans would generate $52 million in spending for the state economy and $4.2 million in state and local tax revenue.