Williams Institute Study

new study from the Williams Institute shows that the freedom to marry would be a huge boost for Nevada’s economy as same-sex couples plan their weddings and wedding guests purchase goods and services in the state.

  • As many as 3,570 same-sex couples would marry in the first three years if the freedom to marry becomes law in Nevada.
  • The total spending on wedding arrangements and tourism would generate up to $52 million for the state and local economy in the first three years, with as much as $34 million generated in the first year alone.
  • This economic boost would add up to $4.2 million tax dollars to state and local governments.
  • Extending the freedom to marry to same-sex couples would create up to 449 jobs in Nevada within the first three years.
  • Out-of-state same-sex couples who travel to Nevada to marry would spend additional funds on wedding planning and tourism not included in the figures above.

Nevada Businesses for Marriage


Caesars Entertainment Corporation

“This study confirms that all Nevadans benefit from marriage for same-sex couples. Caesars values all customers equally, and welcomes the findings the study presents.”

MGM Resorts

“MGM Resorts International embraces and supports the benefits of the recognition of the equality of marriage through Senate Joint Resolution 13. It is a matter of equality, respect and inclusiveness for our diverse population. They by-product will benefit Nevada economically by further positioning the state and its resort industry as the welcoming and inclusive destination it is.”

The New Tropicana Las Vegas

“The New Tropicana Las Vegas has been providing commitment ceremonies for LGBT couples for several years and we are looking forward to the day that we can provide ALL loving couples the chance at happiness that comes with being married. Las Vegas is the ‘Wedding Capital of the World’ and we should welcome all committed couples.”

Viva Las Vegas Weddings

“We hope and pray that true equality comes to our state, where the economic boom and moral stature of Nevada would definitely benefit from such an important cause. As the only gay owned and operated wedding Chapel in the State, we are deeply dedicated to ensuring that all loving and committed couples can be legally married in the Wedding Capitol of the World.”

Wynn Resorts

“We have reached a point in the State of Nevada where our current laws governing gay and lesbian marriage have made our most vital industry, tourism, uncompetitive. Nevada resorts, restaurants, caterers, florists, photographers and musicians all need to be allowed to compete with the 19 other states that allow the freedom to marry.”


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