Be the first to know when the court rules

Be the first to know when the court rules

Are you ready?

Because now that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments yesterday in the case challenging Nevada’s marriage ban, a ruling could come down at any moment.

And since both the Governor and Attorney General do not intend on appealing a favorable ruling—winning marriage at the 9th Circuit could pave the way for winning marriage in Nevada once and for all!

This is the single most important moment for our movement so far. So don’t be the last to know when the 9th Circuit issues a ruling. Click here to sign up for an alert the moment we receive a ruling on Nevada’s marriage ban from the 9th Circuit Court.

Here in Nevada, we’ve watched as court after court has ruled in favor of all loving and committed same-sex couples to marry the person they love—including the 7th Circuit which struck down both Indiana and Wisconsin’s marriage bans just last week. Now, it’s Nevada’s turn.

Yesterday’s oral arguments made it clear: there’s no good reason to deny marriage to same-sex couples—and Nevada’s marriage ban is hanging on by a thread.

The 9th Circuit could rule on Nevada’s marriage ban at any minute, Joe. Click here to receive the breaking news the moment a ruling comes down.

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