Are wedding bells in your near future?

Are wedding bells in your near future?

Planning to get married?

At any moment, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals could rule on Nevada’s marriage ban. And since both Governor Sandoval and Attorney General Masto have announced that they do not intend to appeal a ruling striking down Nevada’s marriage ban, if we win at the 9th Circuit, it’s likely that same-sex couples could begin marrying within a matter of weeks.

Are you one of the lucky couples who intend to wed in Nevada should the 9th Circuit rule in favor of the freedom to marry? Click here if you want to marry the person you love in Nevada—and if so, we may follow up with you shortly to feature your story.

We started this campaign because we know there’s nothing more important than elevating the voices of fellow Nevadans who stand in support of the freedom to marry.

Help us tell this important story, and help put a face to the real Nevada families who need marriage equality now.

Click here if you are a same-sex couple who wants to marry in Nevada and we may follow up with you for more information.

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