Business Leaders Across Nevada Pledge to Support the Freedom for All People to Marry

AS VEGAS – On Tuesday, more than 40 business leaders across Nevada announced Nevada Business Leaders United for marriage, a coalition of businesses supporting the freedom for all people to marry. Freedom Nevada, a statewide organization seeking marriage quality, organized the formation of the group.

“If Nevada wants to remain competitive with other states in recruiting talent we must treat people fairly, and demonstrate a commitment to creating an open and diverse workforce,” said Freedom Nevada State Director Ward Curtin.

“In a growing state like Nevada, it sends a negative message to newcomers and potential newcomers to not give all people the freedom to marry,” said Mark Stufflebeam, owner of an architectural firm in Henderson. “Nevada prides itself on entertainment, tourism and being the marriage capital of the world, yet there are laws on the books that make these things impossible for some people. If Nevada wants to continue to be seen as an open and accepting place, then we must have laws that reflect that.”

Cassie Rice who is another small business owner who has signed on to be a part of this coalition said, “I’m embarrassed to be from a state that doesn’t give all its citizens equal protection under the law. Our family is so important to us, and we want to make sure each person in our family and in our state has all their needs met, and is being treated equally no matter who they love.”

“My family is everything to me, It is the center of my life,” said Pioneer Door owner Ron Nelson. “I have had family and friends who do not get to share the same rights and joy that I have simply because they are not allowed to marry. I believe that all loving, committed couples should be able to share their lives together just like Jessica and I have.”

Freedom Nevada previously released the findings of an economic study by the Williams Institute estimating marriage equality could generate up to $52 million in spending for the state’s economy.

About Freedom Nevada:

Freedom Nevada is broadening the dialogue with Nevadans about why marriage is important to same-sex couples and their families and why it is consistent with the values of liberty and freedom. More information on this statewide initiative – which is being spearheaded by Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, ACLU of Nevada, Human Rights Campaign and Freedom to Marry – can be found here:

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